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Glass Doors are Not Just for Showers

Glass Doors are Not Just for Showers

Using glass doors for other rooms or areas of your home is a standout design choice. Glass doors can enhance ... View Article
Singing in the shower

Why Does Singing in the Shower Sound Better?

According to the video, a shower has hard surfaces such as tile walls and glass doors that resonate at low ... View Article
Glass shower with plants

Do Glass Shower Doors Reduce Bathroom Mold?

Many people suffer from allergies due to household mold. Keeping mold out of your home's air is important. The damp ... View Article
Quick Cleaning Tips for Glass Showers

Quick Cleaning Tips for Glass Door Showers

The best way to keep your glass shower looking fresh is to do a quick cleaning after every shower. This ... View Article
Outdoor shower with glass window photo

Tips for Planning an Outdoor Glass Shower

An outdoor glass shower sounds intriguing, definitely different. Too risqué? Not with opaque frosted or patterned glass. Too delicate for ... View Article
Sliding Barn Door Showers

Sliding Barn Door Showers

The appeal of barn doors in the home is a popular trend. You can have the same effect in your ... View Article
Starphire Shower Glass

Starphire Ultraclear Glass for a Stunning Shower

All standard shower door glass has edges with a green tint. This color is naturally occurring due to the iron ... View Article
Hiding your old glass shower doors

Don’t Hide Your Old Glass Shower

We saw this Pinterest feed of photos of shower doors hidden behind shower curtains (see the image below). If your ... View Article
Shower Curtain Recycling Tips

What to Do with Old Shower Curtains

Once you've brought your bath into the 21st century with a frameless glass shower, here are some ideas for what ... View Article
small bathroom with mirror

Making the Most of a Tiny Bathroom with Glass

Following are tips designed to make a small bathroom appear larger and be more functional: Install tile vertically instead of ... View Article
Glass shower screen

Seamless Glass Shower Screen

A seamless glass shower screen will protect your walls and floors from splashing while allowing you to easily access your ... View Article
Semi Frameless Glass Tub Enclosure

Making a Custom Shower More Affordable

Custom shower doors will update a tired bathroom without the huge cost of a total remodeling job. By replacing just ... View Article