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Neutral bath

Bath Design Trends from HGTV

Watching HGTV shows lets you to see the latest trends in bathroom design. Popular shows such as Property Brothers, Flip ... View Article
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European Mid-Panel Glass for Showers

What is a European Mid-Panel? This type of glass shower door is becoming more and more popular. It isn’t a ... View Article
Glass Shower Door Handles

Hardware – Jewelry for Your Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Think of the hardware on your frameless glass shower doors as the finishing touch before they are ready to use ... View Article
Design your frameless shower

Design Your Frameless Shower

Designing a frameless glass shower is about more than how it looks. A shower designed to function perfectly for years ... View Article
Tranquil spa bath elements

Make Your Bathroom a Tranquil Retreat

Your bathroom can provide the environment for a calming spa-like retreat. By reducing clutter and organizing the space, you can ... View Article
Renovate Your Bathroom this Spring

Renovate Your Bathroom this Spring

Spring is the time of year for renewal and growth. Many people consider making changes and updates to their homes ... View Article
Cast textured glass

Natural Decorating Trends in Bathrooms

There are some natural decorating trends for bathroom design this year. The use of natural materials or materials that look ... View Article
Types of Glass on Frameless Shower Doors

Types of Glass Used on Frameless Showers

Your frameless shower will be the centerpiece of your bathroom design. Choosing the proper type of glass for your room ... View Article
Wet Room with Glass Shower and Tub

Wet Room: A Space Saving Trend

Put an end to the 'bath or shower?' debate by adding a wet room. A great option if you’re short ... View Article
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Easy Tip for Preventing Soap Scum on Your Glass Shower

Here's an easy way to prevent soap scum buildup on your frameless glass shower. Use a mixture of half water ... View Article
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Get Inspired! Frameless Glass Shower Dreams…

Renew your home this spring with a frameless glass shower or bath enclosure. There are many sources for inspiration. Check ... View Article
Difference between frameless and framed shower doors

The Difference between Frameless and Semi Frameless Shower Doors

The difference between frameless and semi frameless shower doors is a question often asked by people switching from shower curtains ... View Article