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Textured Glass in Shower Doors Stands Out

Textured Glass in Shower Doors Stands Out

Textured and patterned glass are good choices for the bath or shower since they offer a great variety of options ... View Article
bathroom deisgn tips

Bathroom Design Tips – Showers

Make the shower the focal point of your bathroom. Tile work can create a look of classic elegance or showcase ... View Article
Mirrors with Cabinet

Bathroom Design Tips – Mirrors

Custom Mirrors Add Visual Space Bathrooms in new homes often have mirrors that appear to be an afterthought. The proper ... View Article
Frameless Glass Tub Enclosure

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure Tips/Facts

If you have a bathtub, you’re not limited to a traditional slider – you can use a frameless shower enclosure ... View Article
Frameless Glass Corner Shower

Why choose a frameless glass shower door?

A frameless glass shower door allows the design of your bathroom including the tile, fixtures and vanities to take center ... View Article