The Difference between Frameless and Semi Frameless Shower Doors

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The difference between frameless and semi frameless shower doors is a question often asked by people switching from shower curtains to glass. One of the concerns is budget. There are glass shower enclosures available for all budgets. The most affordable is a framed glass shower. The next level up is a semi frameless enclosure, followed by a frameless glass enclosure.

Another concern is aesthetics. A framed enclosure is clearly defined by metal frames. In a semi-frameless enclosure the glass is partially edged by a metal frame. See the examples below

Framed tub enclosure:
Framed Glass Tub Enclosure

Semi frameless shower enclosure:
Semi frameless shower doors

Frameless glass showers really show off the glass. The shower door is completely made of glass. At River Glass Designs, our frameless showers use ½ inch glass panels and ⅜ inch doors for maximum stability. No header is needed in most cases, and the hinges have a lifetime warranty. Fixed panels can be held in place with a ¾ inch channel or 2×2 inch clamps. You can customize your shower with a wide selection of handles and hardware finishes to match your design vision.

Frameless Glass Shower:
Frameless glass shower doors in Maryland

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