Frameless Shower Door Hardware that Protects Your Investment

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Frameless glass shower doors are much more expensive than a shower curtain. Protect your investment by using quality glass hardware on the doors.

Glass to Glass Square Shower Door Hardware

Glass Hinges

Choose a hinge that can hold the most weight for safety. In the past, many hinges would warp or bend if tightened too much. Because you couldn’t over tighten they would at times cause the glass door to slip over time. Our hinges are masterfully constructed to withstand heavy usage; they are made of forged brass and do not warp or bend. They also have a positive glass grip gasket which virtually eliminates door slippage. The most impressive feature of our two hinge system is the 100lb weight capacity. Hinges used by many other companies only have a 60 – 80lb capacity. Keep your heavy frameless shower door in place with our quality hinges. Choose from a variety of finishes and find the perfect one to complement your style.

River Glass Designs’ hinges all have a lifetime warranty.

Allegro Glass Shower Door Handle

Glass Door Pulls and Handles

River Glass Designs has a selection of standard door pulls and handle options in five different finishes. Choose the perfect handle for your shower.


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