Hardware – Jewelry for Your Frameless Glass Shower Doors

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Think of the hardware on your frameless glass shower doors as the finishing touch before they are ready to use. Besides being functional, hardware hinges and handles can be expressive. Choose the finish that suits your bathroom design. There are two types of hardware from which to pick – hinges and handles.

Hinge Options

Glass Shower Door HingesThere are two main types of hinges available: pivot hinges and side-mount hinges. Your installer will help determine which is the best type to use for your shower configuration. Pivot hinges attach at the top and bottom of the glass door to the ceiling or frame. Side-mount hinges are on the side of the door and attach either to a wall or another glass panel. Both types of hinges function well. The basic options available include brass, brushed nickel, chrome and oil rubbed bronze finishes. There are also custom finish options available if your design calls for something different.

Handle Options

Standard Handles
Standard Shower Door Handles

Glass door handles offer many options for shape and finish. Basic options to choose from include couterpoint handles, mitered handles, curved handles, square handles and traditional handles. The standard finishes are included.

Additional Handle Options
More Options for Shower Door Handles

See more hardware options here. Contact River Glass Design to learn more about shower glass door hardware.

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