Renovate Your Bathroom this Spring

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Spring Bathroom RenovationSpring is the time of year for renewal and growth. Many people consider making changes and updates to their homes at this time either in preparation for a move or to improve their surroundings. A refreshed bathroom can improve your entire home by making it function better and feel fresh. Many bathrooms are stuck with a look that was popular when the home was new. Bath fashions change and newer materials can provide better function as well.

In 2014, Remodeling Magazine predicted that a bathroom remodel would cost about $16,128 and add $11,688 in value to a home. HGTV Magazine, in discussing which home remodeling projects pay off, says that a bathroom remodel can return up to triple on its cost. “In Baltimore, for instance, a $9,400 bathroom remodel recouped 182 percent of its cost at resale…”

Remodeling an entire bathroom is not always financially possible. There are simple things you can do to update your bath gradually that are reasonably priced. Such as:

  • Replacing outdated light fixtures
  • Replace worn plumbing fixtures
  • Hang new towel racks and stock with fresh linens
  • Paint the walls and/or cabinets
  • Install new window treatments
  • Add new accessories such as flowers, decorative soaps, candles and mirrors

If your budget allows, consider replacing a tub shower combo with an glass enclosed tub. Or replace the tub with a glass shower for a more open look.

Semi Frameless ShowerGoing from a dated pink tile wall and tub to an open semi-frameless shower is the kind of spring cleaning that we can get behind!

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