Tips for Planning an Outdoor Glass Shower

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An outdoor glass shower sounds intriguing, definitely different. Too risqué? Not with opaque frosted or patterned glass. Too delicate for outside? Not in a protected location with sturdy, 1/2″ tempered glass. Explore the options and plan an outdoor shower that will let you rinse off after a swim and not bring all of the outdoors back inside with you.

As summer quickly goes by, don’t wait to upgrade your backyard with an amazing outdoor shower. Whether you’re rinsing off from a day of yard work, or an afternoon at the pool, outdoor showers add an exciting water element to your outdoor space. When planning an outdoor shower, consider the following things:

1. Type of Shower: Choose from a mounted or stand-alone shower. Mounted showers are a permanent installation and cannot be moved. Stand-alone showers are attached to a hose and can be moved where you need them.

2. Privacy: Think about how you plan to use your outdoor shower and the type of outdoor space you have. Do you live close to the beach and just want to be able to rinse off? Or will you be taking full showers? If you live in a secluded location and privacy is not as important, you can have an open shower location. If you need full privacy, you will need to build a structure to surround the shower. A frosted or patterned glass door lets in light but protects your privacy. A privacy lock can be installed on the door. Privacy enclosures can be quite simple or more complex depending on your needs and style.

3. Drainage: This is one of the most important elements to consider when building an outdoor shower. The last thing you want is is a flooded yard when you’ve been working hard to make it beautiful. Most outdoor showers can drain into the ground, or a bed of rocks, depending on the location, but this might be against your town’s local rules. Check with your city or town to make sure that your planned outdoor shower will meet code and is permitted.

Outdoor shower with glass window photo
Glass connecting outdoor shower to the rest of the bathroom.

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