Types of Glass Used on Frameless Showers

July 25, 2016 8:07 pm Published by
Starphire Glass

Ultra clear glass on a shower by River Glass Designs

Your frameless shower will be the centerpiece of your bathroom design. Choosing the proper type of glass for your room can help enhance the look of the whole space. Here are some popular choices for glass:

Starphire UltraClear Glass – This type of low iron glass has the most clarity of all the glass types. Regular glass has a slight green tint while Starphire is totally clear. This glass allows the beauty of tile work in a shower to stand out. Having clear glass in a frameless shower is the best way to make a space appear to be larger than it actually is.

ShowerGuard Glass – This type of glass is made with a coating that prevents dirt, soap and hard water from sticking to the glass and building up. It is easy to keep clean and clear.

Frosted Glass – This glass provides more privacy for the bather and can be applied to the whole glass panel of parts of it allowing other parts to be clear.

Cast Glass – This glass offers unique textures from lines to waves to dots that provide interest and privacy to your space.

Standard Textured Glass – This glass comes in a variety of textures that provide privacy and add interest to a bathroom.

Colored Glass – Choose from a variety of colors to enhance the color of your shower space.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass enhances privacy on a shower by River Glass Designs.

Cast textured glass

Textured glass panel with unique edge.

Colored glass on shower

Colored glass stands out on this shower by River Glass Designs.

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