Why choose a frameless glass shower door?

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Frameless Glass Corner ShowerA frameless glass shower door allows the design of your bathroom including the tile, fixtures and vanities to take center stage. Your space will feel more open and up-to-date with a frameless door versus the hard lines of traditional shower door frames which tend to close a space up.

Frameless glass shower doors are made completely of glass. They are installed on hinges that allow them to swing open and shut. Usually they are attached to glass walls to create a spacious modern shower. Many different glass finish options and hardware options are available to suit your taste.

Frameless glass shower doors blend in with their surroundings to create an almost invisible feel that really allows stone, ceramic, glass or marble tile to standout and be noticed.

People often wonder if a frameless glass shower is as safe as a framed door. They are in fact, very safe because their edges are filed completely smooth and they are made from tempered (strengthened) glass which is stronger than regular glass and very difficult to break or shatter. They are also made from a thicker glass that lasts 2-3 times longer than a traditional shower. River Glass Designs uses glass panels that are ½ inch thick and ⅜ inch thick doors.

A proper installation of your frameless glass shower door will prevent problems with water leaks, mold, rot or mildew from developing. Your door will be perfect from the start and remain that way for years to come.

Finally, a frameless glass shower will add value to your home. A beautiful bathroom can help to sell a home faster.

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